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Test ID: ALBLD    
Bleeding Diathesis Profile, Limited, Plasma

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CPT Code Information Provides guidance in determining the appropriate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code(s) information for each test or profile. The listed CPT codes reflect Mayo Clinic Laboratories interpretation of CPT coding requirements. It is the responsibility of each laboratory to determine correct CPT codes to use for billing.

CPT codes are provided by the performing laboratory.












85130-Chromogenic factor VIII (if appropriate)

85130-Chromogenic factor IX (if appropriate)

85210-Factor II (if appropriate)

85220-Factor V (if appropriate)

85230-Factor VII (if appropriate)

85245-Ristocetin cofactor (if appropriate)

85247-von Willebrand factor multimer (if appropriate)

85260-Factor X (if appropriate)

85270-Factor XI (if appropriate)

85280-Factor XII (if appropriate)

85300-Antithrombin activity (if appropriate)

85301-Antithrombin antigen (if appropriate)

85335-Bethesda units (if appropriate)

85335-Factor II inhibitor screen (if appropriate)

85335-Factor V inhibitor screen (if appropriate)

85335-Factor VII Inhibitor screen (if appropriate)

85335-Factor VIII inhibitor screen (if appropriate)

85335-Factor IX inhibitor screen (if appropriate)

85335-Factor X inhibitor screen (if appropriate)

85335-Factor XI inhibitor screen (if appropriate)

85366-Soluble fibrin monomer (if appropriate)

85385-PT-Fibrinogen (if appropriate)

85410-Alpha-2 plasmin inhibitor (if appropriate)

85415-PAI-1 Ag (if appropriate)

85420-Plasminogen Activity (if appropriate)

85597-Platelet neutralization for lupus inhibitor (if appropriate)

85598-Staclot LA (if appropriate)

85611-PT mix 1:1 (if appropriate)

85613-DRVVT (if appropriate)

85613-DRVVT mix (if appropriate)

85613-DRVVT confirm (if appropriate)

85635-Reptilase time (if appropriate)

85732-APTT mix 1:1 (if appropriate)

LOINC® Information Provides guidance in determining the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) values for the order and results codes of this test. LOINC values are provided by the performing laboratory.

Test IDTest Order NameOrder LOINC Value
ALBLDBleeding Diath Prof, LimitedIn Process


Result IDTest Result NameResult LOINC ValueApplies only to results expressed in units of measure originally reported by the performing laboratory. These values do not apply to results that are converted to other units of measure.
CLFIBFibrinogen, Clauss, P48664-7
TTSCThrombin Time (Bovine), P46717-5
603322Reviewed by18771-6
F8ACoag Factor VIII Activity Assay, P3209-4
9068Factor XIII(13),Scrn3241-7
F_9Coag Factor IX Assay, P3187-2
VWAGvon Willebrand Factor Ag, P27816-8
APTSCActivated Partial Thrombopl Time, P14979-9
DIMERD-Dimer, P48067-3
PTSECProthrombin Time (PT), P5902-2
VWACTvon Willebrand Factor Activity, P68324-3
603181Limited Bleed Prof Interp69049-5