Select the form that you need:

Form What this form does:
Add Tests to an Order Request additional tests after a specimen has been shipped.
Additional Specimen Use this form when sending an additional specimen for an order that was previously placed.
Chain of Custody Request Order tests that could be used in a court of law.
Critical Values Notification Define contacts for critical values notifications.
Downtime Forms Download these forms in advance in case you ever need to order tests or supplies when Internet applications are unavailable.
Maternal Screening Material Obtain certification for maternal screening.
Patient Information and
Signature Forms
Use these when a test requires additional information or signatures.
Test Setup Request Generate a spreadsheet containing the setup information for multiple tests, and use the spreadsheet to build ordering codes and test (result) codes into your laboratory information system (LIS).

Manual Test Request Forms

If you order tests manually by submitting printed forms, use the following forms for specific tests.

If none of those tests apply, use the General Test Request (T239)

After completing and printing, send the form with your specimens to Mayo Clinic Laboratories.