New Tests

New tests published in the previous 90 days are listed in the following table.

Test IDTest NamePublished
ZW347Miscellaneous Blueprint Genetics Inc.11/30/2023
UHSD2Hemosiderin, Random, Urine11/30/2023
PBCPNPrimary Biliary Cholangitis Antibody Panel, Serum11/28/2023
SP100SP100 Antibody, IgG, Serum11/28/2023
GP210GP210 Antibody, IgG, Serum11/28/2023
PBC2SP100 and GP210 Antibodies, IgG, Serum11/28/2023
OTPOrthopedia Homeobox Protein (OTP) Immunostain, Technical Component Only11/27/2023
FLEGQLegionella Species by Qualitative PCR11/21/2023
FA13RFactor 13 1:1 Mix11/13/2023
FA13QFactor 13, Qualitative, with Reflex to Factor 13 1:1 Mix11/13/2023
PM3CXLymph3Cx Assay, Primary Mediastinal Large B-cell Lymphoma and Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma, mRNA Gene Expression, NanoString, Tissue11/06/2023
FLUMSInfluenza Virus Type A and Type B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Molecular Detection, PCR, Varies11/02/2023
AZSLRSlide Review (Bill Only)11/01/2023
HPFLUInfluenza Virus Type A and Type B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) RNA, Molecular Detection, PCR, Varies10/31/2023
MTBXSMycobacterium tuberculosis complex, Molecular Detection and Rifampin Resistance, PCR, Sputum10/31/2023
PMAOGPostmortem Aortopathy Gene Panel, Tissue10/26/2023
PMARGPostmortem Arrhythmia Gene Panel, Tissue10/26/2023
PMCAGPostmortem Cardiomyopathy and Arrhythmia Gene Panel, Tissue10/26/2023
PMCMGPostmortem Cardiomyopathy Gene Panel, Tissue10/26/2023
PMHLHPostmortem Primary Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) Gene Panel, Tissue10/26/2023
PCMSPPostmortem Inherited Congenital Myasthenia Syndrome Gene Panel, Tissue10/26/2023
UGTFZUDP-Glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 (UGT1A1), Full Gene Sequencing, Varies10/26/2023
G6PDZGlucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Full Gene Sequencing, Varies10/26/2023
DPYDZDihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase, DPYD Full Gene Sequencing, Varies10/26/2023
ADALPAdalimumab Quantitative with Antibody, Serum10/24/2023
ABADLAdalimumab Antibody, Serum10/23/2023
INTADAdalimumab Panel, Interpretation10/23/2023
QNADLAdalimumab Quantitative, Serum10/23/2023
ALKOTAnaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK [OTI1A4]) Immunostain, Technical Component Only10/23/2023
ALKD5Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK[D5F3]) Immunostain, Technical Component Only10/23/2023
MTMetallothionein Immunostain, Technical Component Only10/23/2023
HER2IHER2 Immunostain, Technical Component Only10/19/2023
MP9WMucopolysaccharidoses, Nine-Enzyme Panel, Leukocytes10/17/2023
MPS3BMucopolysaccharidosis III, Three-Enzyme Panel, Blood Spot10/17/2023
MPS3WMucopolysaccharidosis III, Four-Enzyme Panel, Leukocytes10/17/2023
NCLBSNeuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Two-Enzyme Panel, Blood Spot10/17/2023
NCLWNeuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Two-Enzyme Panel, Leukocytes10/17/2023
GUSBWBeta-Glucuronidase, Leukocytes10/17/2023
I2SBIduronate-2-Sulfatase, Blood Spot10/17/2023
I2SWBIduronate-2-Sulfatase, Leukocytes10/17/2023
MPS4WMucopolysaccharidosis IV Enzyme Panel, Leukocytes10/17/2023
MSDWMultiple Sulfatase Deficiency, Leukocytes10/17/2023
ARSBWArylsulfatase B, Leukocytes10/17/2023
ARSBBArylsulfatase B, Blood Spot10/17/2023
GUSBBBeta-Glucuronidase, Blood Spot10/17/2023
MPS4BMucopolysaccharidosis IV Enzyme Panel, Blood Spot10/17/2023
MSDBSMultiple Sulfatase Deficiency, Blood Spot10/17/2023
MP8BSMucopolysaccharidoses, Eight-Enzyme Panel, Blood Spot10/17/2023
HERGNHER2, Gastric/Esophageal, Semi-Quantitative Immunohistochemistry, Manual, No Reflex10/13/2023
HERGMHER2, Gastric/Esophageal, Semi-Quantitative Immunohistochemistry, Manual10/13/2023
DMITOMitochondrial DNA Deletion Heteroplasmy, ddPCR, Varies10/12/2023
MMGENMycoplasma genitalium, Transcription-Mediated Amplification, Post-Prostatic Massage Fluid/Urine or Peritoneal Fluids10/12/2023
DCTRDirect Antiglobulin Test (Polyspecific), Blood10/11/2023
CARBICarbapenem Resistance Genes, Molecular Detection, PCR, Varies10/10/2023
CRPCRCarbapenem Resistance Genes, Molecular Detection, PCR, Rectal Swab10/10/2023
FADQPAdenovirus DNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR, WB10/03/2023
BRAZRBrazil Nut, IgE with Reflex to Brazil Nut Component, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
NUTHXHazelnut-Food Components, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
BLWRFWalnut-Food, IgE, with Reflex to Walnut-Food Components, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
BRAZXBrazil Nut Component, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
CASHXCashew Component, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
CASHRCashew, IgE with Reflex to Cashew Component, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
NUTHRHazelnut-Food, IgE with Reflex to Hazelnut-Food Components, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
BLWXWalnut-Food Components, IgE, Serum10/03/2023
FCDX3Xylazine Confirmation (Qualitative), Umbilical Cord, Tissue10/02/2023
ZW346Miscellaneous Cleveland Clinic09/29/2023
LLPBLeukemia/Lymphoma Immunophenotyping, Flow Cytometry, Blood09/27/2023
IRF8Interferon Regulatory Factor 8 (IRF8) Immunostain, Technical Component Only09/27/2023
ZW280Miscellaneous University of Washington Medical Center (Molecular Diagnosis Clinical Microbiology Lab)09/26/2023
MESOPMesothelioma Panel (WT1/KRT5/TTF1/pCEA) Immunostain, Technical Component Only09/25/2023
DISHuman Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) Class I and II Disease Association Typing, Low Resolution, Blood09/20/2023
RFCWTRenal Pathology Tissue Consultation, Wet Tissue09/19/2023
PSRCHShort Renal Clearance, Iohexol, Preparation09/19/2023
G234CPT 81430 (CGO) (Bill Only)09/14/2023
G235CPT 81431 (CGO) (Bill Only)09/14/2023
G236CPT 81252 (CGO) (Bill Only)09/14/2023
RPMPMMycoplasma (Mycoplasmoides) pneumoniae Macrolide (Azithromycin) Resistance Prediction, Molecular Detection, PCR, Varies09/12/2023
TERTDTERT Promoter Mutation Analysis, Droplet Digital PCR, Tumor09/12/2023