Test Validation Support

Client systems that are configured with a MayoACCESS HL7 interface can work with our support team to perform validation testing of Mayo test configurations within their laboratory information system (LIS). Support is available for validating new laboratory tests, special results requests, and referrals to other reference labs.

The Mayo Clinic Laboratories (MCL) Software Quality Assurance (SQA) business hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT. The SQA team will generate results. Turnaround time is typically 24 to 48 hours or less from receipt of your order.

Go to the test environment for your ordering application:


To send validation tests and receive results, complete the following steps.

  1. Verify with your networks team that your virtual private network (VPN) connection to the MCL HL7 test environment IP is active (
  2. In your test environment, place an HL7 order to MCL from your hospital information system or laboratory information system (LIS). 
    • Ensure that your MCL order code is valid by checking at www.mayocliniclabs.com.
    • Use a collection date at least one day prior to the date of the testing.
    • Transmit a valid date of birth. Without a date of birth, the order will be delayed.
    • Mayo recommends ‘patient’ name: TEST,PATIENT. The word TEST is preferred to be somewhere in the name. Avoid using "PT" anywhere in the name.
  3. In your test environment, “batch” or “complete” the HL7 order. Reconcile any items as needed (i.e., outstanding Ask at Order Entry questions). Batch the orders on the Batch Processing screen.
    • The successful batching and sending of the Mayo batch sheet ensures the order transmission is successful and ready for Mayo to result.
    • If a username has not been established or has expired for the Mayo application, contact Mayo Clinic Lab Inquiry at 800-533-1710 for assistance.
  4. Send an email with the Mayo batch sheet attached to the Mayo SQA testing team at lpeasqalsi@mayo.edu. Fax may be used 507-284-9311.
    • Subject line: Enter your client account number, name, and either "Test" or "Prod" for which environment the order was sent from.
    • If you wish to be notified when the results are transmitted, state it in your request. SQA will verify that the results have been transmitted out of our engine and then consider your request complete. If your expected MCL results have not been received, your results may have generated an error. Check your LIS error log for failures.
    • Specify on batch sheet whether an abnormal result is required and/or reflexes. Normal resulting patterns will be used otherwise.
    • One test ID per batch sheet preferred.
  5. Although not recommended, if testing must be sent in production, SQA will arrange for "no charge" billing. Credit or cancellation messages are not sent through the HL7 interface.
  6. Users are encouraged to use their ordering application to obtain reports when needed, which mimics the process for live patient reports. Requests for attached report copies requires encrypted emails sent by Mayo Clinic. This will require the user to create a username and password to obtain the report. Faxed copies of reports may be obtained by SQA.